Male Femininity and Gender Role Reversal

Fixed biological gender beliefs which served as a traditional social structure throughout Western society history has experienced a complete re-examination in today’s 21st century and, the emergence of male femininity and gender role reversal has occurred. There are more women working outside the home, while some men have taking on the caregiver role of the home and children. Some view this concept as males becoming “Feminized Men” not specifically based on the concept of caregiver but, on the concept that ideologies such as these could encompasses today’s male as a whole.
Men and women were expected to perform gender typed duties. Gender has initiated arguments as to whether “gender” is completely based on biology or is gender a learnt behavior For example; gender roles were derived from biological beliefs that women were emotional and fitted more into the caregiver role, which placed her in the home to care for the children, clean and cook. Men were betrayed as being clear thinking, physically stronger, which transported them out of home to perform “men’s work”. Roles of masculinity at one point was important to the male because, maintaining the images of masculinity ensured opportunities and entitlements to resources, it provided possibilities for power, wealth and social status within a cultural group.
As mentioned, the male femininity and gender role reversal phenomena has allowed a new found freedom for men who are comfortable performing task that once was considered roles of femininity or “women’s work”. This reversal of roles is not limited to just performing housework. Some males are now caring for the children and are completely dependent on the woman’s income. Role reversal incorporates the complete reversal of masculinity and embraces all aspects of femininity. This includes the wearing of feminine apparel in everyday life. Some couples have embraced this concept to the fullest and some women are completely in agreement with their significant others embracing their feminine traits and encourage it. Women in arrangements such as this have taken on forms of role reversal themselves by becoming the patriarch of the family. There are women who now have the control and power within the family. Male femininity and gender role reversal has allowed women to establish their positions in the capitalist market which provides opportunities for obtaining and maintain an social status among social groups.

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