Feminized Husbands

Societal survival largely is depended on the capacity to which, its actor’s adaptation to change is agreed upon. Change of any form within a larger society often projects national instability, when in actuality it’s simply a resistance by some of its members to function differently. Feminism initiated societal change by demanding gender equality. These demands affected society more personally than expected because its actor realized such adaptation had the potential of creating a Nation of “feminized husbands”.
So, what does it mean to be a “feminized husband”? First a brief recap of why feminism evolved, this should assistant with understanding this concept. Men historically reaped great success due to the position of privilege; which was based on the notion of, biological differences between the sexes. This privileged position was responsible for the development of the “Traditional Family Structure” or “Marriage”, in turn the “division of work” based on gender became the communal form of survival. Women performed all responsibilities pertaining to the home, children and their husbands, which consist solely of cooking, cleaning and laundry. Feminist by “1970” had enough of women not being granted access to equal pay, educational opportunities. They demanded that, the traditional belief that only women were responsible for childrearing be reevaluated and shared. From this, actors of “Traditional Family” or “Marriage were forced to adapt to change, thus creating “feminized husbands”.
Simply put, “feminized husbands” accept demonstrated evidence that reveal how, their historical position of privilege has been the primary factor of their success and they are determined to ensure gender equality. These men are not intimated by the independence of women. For the most part they embrace the independence of women and are assisting the movement by, encouraging other men to become involved with the personal and social change that ensures complete equality for women. Some of these men were forced to embrace the idea that their position of privilege possibly accounts for their success. This in turn invited their unawareness of personal sexist attitudes which placed them uncomfortable positions. But, they came to terms by understanding that, the ideals held by them needed to be dealt with for the progression of society in which they are actors.
What’s interesting about the “feminism husband” is; some do not refer to themselves as feminist. A new concept has been introduced “Pro Feminist”. Meaning; this group of men do not consider themselves members of the feminist movement. They are supporters of the movement and support their wives with all household chores which include child care.
On the other side of the coin rest the “feminism husband” who has experienced backlash from society which still believes; no matter the situation men should always “man up”, political legislation that has eliminated the voice of men regarding women’s right to choose, along with reproductive rights and media images that betray them as womanizer’s and slobs.

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