Demale Society

Very few people discuss the concept of a demale society. Most people discuss this in secret, and some even think that this is a myth or an urban legend. In this testosterone-driven world, it is rather difficult to imagine that such a society exists. There are many definitions and misconceptions even of the word “demale”, but like most concepts or ideas, there are those who give more tempered definitions and there are those who prefer the extreme definitions. For some, a demale is defined as a feminized male, or that is a boy or a man who was taught to like everything female. Demales have female or feminine ideals, goals, and way of life. Demales prefer that a woman takes control over their lives. Usually demales are made so by dressing them up in female clothes, and make-up, and making them do feminine activities like playing with dolls. To make the feminization effective, the demales have to talk and move like women. Part of this feminizing usually, but not all the time, include humiliation, control, and domination. For others, demales are brought into extreme feminization by controlling their testosterone levels through chemicals or medicine, and even surgery. In extreme cases, demales are castrated, thereby resulting to smaller penises, taller heights, less muscular builds, and lesser amounts of body hair. Castrated demales actually look more female than male with their high-pitched voices, smooth skin, and lean physique.

There are no records if the concept of a demale society was present before the 20th Century. Records only show that the concept of a demale started in the 1950s when women wanted to feminize the men so as to let them understand how it is to be a woman. Most of those who are supporters of a demale society believes that once a man understands a woman, he will minimize or even eliminate his aggressive tendencies thereby becoming gentler, nicer and kinder, not only towards women but even towards other men. In addition, these demales will also show more respect towards women and women’s rights. Advocates of the demale society believe that once this kind of utopia is achieved, society in general will improve. There will be less crimes, less drug use, less disagreements – generally, less aggressiveness and hatred among the populace.

Not only feminists are in favor of a demale society. There are also some males who like the idea of a feminized male. Some men are also displeased with the extremely macho image most men display as well as the aggressiveness and male dominance. There are even theories that state that crimes happen because of masculine attitudes. A robbery, for example, is a display of the superiority of the criminal’s strength over that of the victim, regardless if the criminal is a man or a woman. With the minimization of masculine attitudes and traits, a demale society is considered by some as the ideal society.

Some advocates of a demale society, however, bring this concept into the extremes. The more balanced goal of a demale society is forgotten. Some extremists believe that men should be made into slaves by women, or worse, be treated like objects rather than human beings. At this point, it is safe to say that this kind of attitude towards the man is already hatred, and do not simply advocate feminization of men.

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