The Myth of Androcentrism

Androcentrism is considered as a new kind of sexism wherein masculinity is preferred over femininity. Despite the fact that androcentrism is considered “new”, this concept has actually been discussed by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in her work “The Man-Made World”, which was published in 1911. The concept of androcentrism is based on the fact that since Read More


A sheplacement is an effeminate man who prefers to dress and act like a woman. A sheplacement is still sexually a man because he still has his genitalia – both the testicles and the penis. Most sheplacements undergo breast augmentation, and take pills to transform their bodies to female-like figures. Sheplacements are conscious about their Read More


Gynarchy is a political system, a government, or even a society that is run by a woman or women. A society that traces ancestry through the female line, and worships a mother goddess is also considered as a gynarchy. Gynarchy is also called gynecocracy. The term gynarchy and gynecocracy are not commonly used in everyday Read More


Because of feminism, many women are becoming more assertive of their rights, opinions, ideas, and personal principles. There is nothing wrong with being assertive, except that men feel that they are emasculated because of this. Emasculation actually means the removal of a man’s genitalia, particularly the penis or the testicles, or both. Thankfully, with the Read More

Demale Society

Very few people discuss the concept of a demale society. Most people discuss this in secret, and some even think that this is a myth or an urban legend. In this testosterone-driven world, it is rather difficult to imagine that such a society exists. There are many definitions and misconceptions even of the word “demale”, Read More

Third Wave Feminism

Feminism originated through the awareness of gender inequality by woman who in the “1840’s” organized and developed efforts to gain voting rights. This group became known as the; “Women’s Right Movement”, also referred to as the “first wave” of the “feminist movement”. By “1960” “the “second waves” of the feminist movement emerged powerfully organized. The Read More

The Strong Silent Type

Masculinity defined by the concept of gender characteristics gives identity to males. This identity is based on; male aggression, competition and holding positions of power in the public sphere, were achievement is displayed, which allows for reflection of real manhood. This display varies by way of symbolic interactions such as; speaking with deep tones, visible Read More

Second Wave Feminism

Conceptualization of feminism originated through the awareness of gender inequality by woman who in the “1840’s” organized and developed efforts to gain voting rights. This group became known as the “Women’s Right Movement”, it is also referred to as the “first wave” of the “feminist movement”. In “1848” “The Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention” was Read More

Parental Alienation

The institution of family is the most vital functioning social institution to any society; historically Western society structure of family consisted of male and female; with extended family members, from which the process of socialization was initiated. Throughout centuries the ideologies and structure of the family unit experienced adjustments that were in alignment with the Read More

Nice Guy Syndrome

Hegemonic masculinity definition states; that males are naturally aggressive and competitive. They should never do anything that even remotely suggest femininity “sissy stuff”, male masculinity is measured by; power, success, wealth, and status, “be a big wheel”. It demands that males must always remain calm, reliable in a crisis while holding their emotions in check, Read More

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